This book by Larry Igbon was a very tense and gripping thrill ride from beginning to end. I could not put the book down. I loved the assassin qualities of Guy from MI6.


Project G

Christmas 1953 and the new Queen has delivered her Christmas message to her loyal British subjects. She and they are oblivious to the dreadful threat that Europe faces.

Project G

A revered British agent stole a vital list from the Goldene Gans Bande (Golden Goose Gang), which could bring down their whole organisation. The list identified hundreds of bank accounts used by their former Nazi operatives. When the agent was found murdered early on Christmas morning in a Paris field, he no longer had the list.

Back in England, Secret Service agent Guy Trent arrived at MI6 Headquarters for a meeting with his superiors. The murdered agent was Simon Carter, Trent’s wartime commander and best friend.

Trent, a former Commando, fought for his country in the war; he was still fighting for Queen and country in the Cold War. The assassination of his friend and colleague had increased his value as an agent, and now his country had urgent need of his services.