It was action-packed right from the start to the very end. It gives the reader an inside view of a person with military training, and the extremes that person will go to, to get satisfaction for being hurt. After reading this book all I can say is WOW!!!!

Edna Hill USA

Bringing Hell

Tom Ramsay’s two decades of service made him a one-man war machine. When he learns of his brother’s tortuous murder, the former elite serviceman burns for full-blown vengeance. Can Ramsay take on the brutal mob or will he join his brother six feet under?

Bringing Hell

Injured in action, Tom Ramsay’s service as a Marine Commando ended. But the peaceful life he expected was nowhere in sight.

Learning of the torture and murder of his brother, Craig, by a notorious London crime gang led by Gerry Grant, he plans his revenge. In a bone-chilling phone call, Ramsay assures the murderous kingpin that he will deliverĀ  vengeance.

With the Grant mob in his sights, he refuses to rest until he pays back every last drop of blood. Ignoring warnings from the local DCI on the case, he teams up with a hacker to hit the killers in their bank accounts. Along the way, some of Grant’s goons confront him and he teaches them a deadly lesson.

After making a grave miscalculation, he is captured by the maniacal mob boss, who likes to do his own dirty work. If he can endure a nasty incident, the word will be out that he must be “fixed”.

They may have the numbers, but he has a lifetime experience of fighting against the odds. And no one does it better.