An absolute must-read. This book careens from one wild scene to the next. With mystery and suspense tied up beautifully within this fascinating knot of a plot.


Gripping Thriller by a Master of the Genre.

It grabs you at page 1 and holds you with twists and shocks. Want to feel involved, excited, even disturbed? This book will fill your needs.

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Beyond Vengeance

A thriller set in the north of England where fear begets crime, and crime begets killing. The violent extinction of a ruthless crime family unleashes bloody vendetta against a city’s police force.

For years Manchester seethed in the grip of vicious criminal gangs who propagated a subculture of barbarism equal to anything catalogued from the Middle Ages. The Greater Manchester Police set their sights on the most vicious of these gangs, led by the notorious Brewster family.

One rainy, sticky night in 1999, DI Corcoran led his team into battle. It was the last stand for the brutal Brewsters. Trapped in the Fairfield Arches, in the shadow of Piccadilly Railway Station, they met their bloody end. The GMP success subdued the other gangs, and the citizens of Manchester now felt safe. Corcoran and his colleagues were dubbed the “Heroes of the Arches”.

Eleven years passed, and without warning, a horrific murder shocked the city. Detectives found a bone-chilling note at the scene promising more deaths. The note mentioned revenge against the police, and the GMP worked on that.

A new Task Force headed by Corcoran’s protege, DCI Beverley Holland, must find the killer before any further revenge slayings took place. The note was the only clue the police had.


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