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For avid readers on my mailing list, just because I love you all, I will share things with you. I’ll give you stuff from time to time too. Book chapters, free stories, details of works in progress.

You can share your comments and queries with me whether about my writing or your own writing ideas. Even if you think you’d like to write, but are afraid of trying. Every aspiring writer goes through that phase. When I first started I had the ideas, but getting them down on paper seemed impossible. Why? Because I could only write around four sides of A4 paper on my idea, then my inspiration tanked! Now I’ve got loads of ideas on the back-burner, which will one day be novels.

Come on in, join me and get some FREE chapters of my crime thriller Beyond Vengeance. Set in my hometown of Manchester and based on an actual family of villains that once terrorised the city.

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