A short introduction to the website, the author and the author's books.

Larry Igbon: Manchester-born author, martial arts instructor & Creator of "Billy Thompson's War", lover of action & crime thrillers


Larry Igbon was born, raised and still lives in Manchester, England.

He developed a passion for composition as a grammar school student. His teachers encouraged his love of writing, which he continued to refine throughout his educational years.

His other desires were French, history, physics, and chemistry.

He took part in the school swimming club and the boxing team. He won four regional boxing championships and fought in the All-England semi-finals.

By the time he left grammar school, he was captain of the boxing team and the swimming club.

His four-year-old son insisted that Larry tell him bedtime stories every night. But not for him the usual tales, he wanted different stories. This was the point at which Larry created a character especially, for young Alan. The character was an English schoolboy, living in France during World War Two. Alan enjoyed exciting stories, so Billy Thompson’s War was born.

The stories featured the boy’s adventures, helping the French Resistance fight the occupying German soldiers. There were many recurring characters featured in the stories, and Larry recorded all of their names and special skills. He kept these details in a notebook, along with plot details and missions. He found that outlining his stories ahead of time, made it easier for him to deal with his son’s questions. Alan was content to listen, fascinated with everything that Billy Thompson experienced.

By the time his son had outgrown bedtime stories, a year and a half later, Larry had notebooks full of short stories and drawings.

Years later, he considered publishing the stories, but Alan assured him that little boys are not interested in war stories these days.

For many years, Larry worked for Her Majesty’s Government. He has also been a Financial Planning Consultant, a Mortgage Adviser, and more recently, he headed up the insurance department of a local charity.

Larry holds a third Dan grade in Shotokan Karate, and he was a martial arts instructor for many years.

He was a scuba diver for several years and earned his qualifications at his local sub-aqua club. His favourite dives were in the Mediterranean and the Red Sea.

Besides writing, he enjoys reading, theatre, High Intensity Interval Training, Tabata training, swimming, cycling and playing guitar.

The books he prefers to read are action stories and crime thrillers. He also likes to write in this genre.